Sprint Pacing Hopples

Spring pacing hopple
Item 003 Sprint hopples complete RRP $AUD 199.00
Item 003A Sprint hopples, less carry straps RRP $AUD 170.00
Item 004 Sprint hopples, loop only RRP $AUD 35.00

Complete sets of hopples are available in black, brown, red, yellow, blue or white or selected different colours on hopple loops, carriers or connecting straps.

A lightweight tubular flatback hopple which is extremely strong, and is an excellent racing hopple.

Sets of hopples complete consist of:

  • 4 hopple loops
  • a pair of connecting straps with shorteners
  • a set of carrying straps

Broadloop Pacing Hopples

Broadloop pacing hopple
Item 005 Broadloop hopples complete RRP $AUD 219.00
Item 005A Broadloop hopples less carriers RRP $AUD 190.00
Item 006 Broadloop hopple loop RRP $AUD 38.00

Colours are available the same as sprint hopples above. Plus loops in two colours. Check out our colour chart to see this amazing colour range.

The ideal hopple for the horse that likes to feel the hopple. Extremely strong. Perfect for educating and gaiting young horses. A great racing hopple where the inner stitching is recessed to stop any chafing.

Both hopples feature:

Nylon wear block

Solid nylon wear block helps shape the loop and reduces wear on connecting straps and hopple loop.

Shorteners are standard

Shorteners are standard.

Front uptug

Front uptugs are triple thickness, which gives the loop strength and stability.

Stainless steel uptug and connecting strap buckles are standard.